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Hi, I'm Tami.

I am the the founder of Genuine Driven Women, LLC and the host and producer of the "Tami North Show: Design a Life and Career You Love" podcast. I'm a Career and Life Coach who believes there is something special within you and that you were meant to do BIG things.

I retired following a successful career as a U.S. Navy Officer, then went on to quickly rise within multiple large organizations in my post-Navy life. My 30+ years of leading and succeeding, mixed with my authentic brand of coaching, will quickly guide you to your own path for success.

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Who will benefit most from my coaching?

  • You have BIG dreams and plans.
  • You have felt like you are on this earth to make a meaningful impact.
  • You stay in a position that you outgrew a long time ago and watch everyone around you get promoted and even become executive leaders in your organization.
  • You are 100% sure you are capable of more, even though your introverted nature keeps you quiet - you have been soaking it all in.
  • You are ready for a BIG challenge, so what is holding you back?

This is exactly

the problem I

help you solve.

With each coaching session you will...


Find clarity and focus

The biggest obstacle to getting what you want is allowing overwhelm, confusion, and self-doubt to rule your mind.


Have renewed energy for work

When you are clear on your WHY and you know where you are heading, you will jump out of bed, ready to get moving toward that big aspiration.


Increase your productivity

When you learn how to manage your time and keep your commitments to yourself, you will deliver value and make serious traction toward the life you have always wanted!


Become more confident

Learn the root cause of your fear and how to master moving forward even when you are shaking in your boots.


Realize your highest self is possible

The number one regret of elderly people near-death is that they did not live the life they COULD have lived. They had a dream, a talent, a purpose, and yet they lived a life other people thought they SHOULD live.

Are you living your dream life or the life that was "good enough?" Did you quit on your dream after really giving it a try? Or, did you take a step toward it, slip back a bit, and decide it will never happen?

I believe 100% that you are here to do really BIG things, you were made to shine. You know exactly what you are meant to be doing, you have been dreaming this dream for so long. It is never too late to make the dream you have today a reality. There is a highest potential "future you", and she is just a thought, a skip, and a jump away.

Ready to meet her?

"Thank you for laying out a path for success!"

- Anna

"Great for women starting out or women already in their career that struggle with finding a meaningful career, not just a job ."

- Stephanie

"So good! I was promoted after Tami coached me on my resume and interview preparation. I almost didn't apply for the job. "

- Kathy

I can't wait...

I can't wait to work with you. You are the entire reason I am here. I remember what it was like, struggling to figure everything out and wondering if I was out of my league. I wish I had someone who could coach me through my challenges. My whole mission is to help you find your way, make sure that you have a dream, an aspiration worthy of you, and then to help you take steps toward that dream,

Schedule a 1:1 session with me today and take the next step on your path to greatness!

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Schedule a 1:1 Session with me today!